Hyperthermia: how to open a therapeutic Center ?


carlo pastoreHyperthermia is rapidly and significantly growing in importance in the oncological practice and the number of patients who turn to this kind of ancillary combination therapy continues to rise.

This is an undeniable fact, and just as undeniable are the benefits that can be derived from its combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, in many areas of the world hyperthermia is a new practice, largely underestimated or ignored, which means that there is a real shortage of proper structures and equipment to fully cover the ever increasing demand. How to solve this problem?

I would be very glad to help colleagues who wanted to start their own "therapeutic adventure" offering a modern instrument to help the sick.

You can contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or calling the numbers listed in this site in the "Contact Us" section.

I'm willing to be a consultant for any new Hyperthermia Center and to help you find hyperthermia equipment you may need.

Dr. Carlo Pastore